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The purpose of this boat buyers guide is to offer clear guidance, helping you make the right choice when purchasing a new motor boat. 

Boat Buyers Guide

What Do You Want From Your New Boat?


First, understanding your accommodation and living requirements are essential. Consider the number of cabins required, galley equipment, toilet and shower facilities, required tankage as well as the desired outside/cockpit space.

Secondly, where do you wish to berth the vessel? If using the vessel on inland waterways, check your bridge/lock heights (air draught) and water depths (draught).

Understand The Running and Maintenance Costs:


Running and servicing costs vary greatly depending on hull design, engine type/make and number of engines/generators.  Older engines and gearboxes may have limited parts available, a telephone call to the relevant service dealer should provide  you with all you need to know regarding the availability of parts. 

The servicing of a modern engine and outdrive/transom, can run into thousands of pounds, so its important to get a service quote from a qualified  marine engineer. 

The area where your new vessel is berthed is also likely to affect servicing costs. If the vessel is moored in high salt/high fouling area, 6 monthly changing of anodes and antifouling may be necessary. The best case is a fresh water lake with the boat being removed from the water after every use. Of course this is unlikely with larger boats. 

Dealing With A Boat Brokerage Company:


A responsible broker should have a basic understanding of the condition for the vessel that they are advertising. 

Once you have transferred the final balance for your new vessel, you are normally on your own*. As long as the broker or seller has not misled you during the buying process, there is unlikely to be any comeback should a fault become apparent after payment. Remember the broker is working for the seller, this is why a comprehensive marine pre-purchase survey is so important.

*Reputable brokers may offer limited help as a good will gesture.

Dealing With A Marine Surveyor:


As it may have already become clear, purchasing a second hand or even new vessel is not always straightforward. 

Whether buying privately or from a trusted broker, it is important to completely understand the vessel you are potentially about to purchase. 

A good marine surveyor will not only be able to report on the condition of the vessel you are about to potentially purchase, but offer support and advice throughout the buying process.